Skills: Company Research, Brand Identity, Graphic Design, Prototyping

Time: 2 Weeks (Oct-Nov 2015)

Team: Anton Algrem, James Zhou

Transforming the VPlantations packaging into a storytelling experience


Client Goals:

  • Emphasize bean to bar process
  • Indicate Northern Swedish origin
  • Indicate that chocolate beans are from Ecuador


Packaging Elements to be Redesigned:

  • Chocolate bar wrapping
  • Clear packaging for limited edition batches
  • Gift box

The Market:

  • Customers who appreciate high-end chocolate
  • Swedish market and eventually expanding to a market beyond

The Redesign

emphasizing the unwrapping experience


In the redesign of the packaging, we focused on making the chocolate wrapping pop graphically and clearly indicate the chocolate bar type. Opening the chocolate bar evokes the same feeling as opening a gift.

Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 12.24.37 AM.png
Final packaging annotation.png

Understanding The VPlantations Story

From Umea to Ecuador

VPlantations is a local chocolate company from the Umeå region that is passionate about everything chocolate - the owner eats 50g of dark chocolate a day. 

We visited the factory and heard the story behind the chocolate factory. Vplantations is passionate and dedicated to creating an ethical and delicious process from the fermentation of the beans to the wrapping of the bars.

Jenny Berg Portrait.jpeg


VPlantations Current Packaging


While the current packaging features beautiful artwork of Ecuador, it does not reflect the key messages VPlantations wants to highlight. On a store shelf and next to other high end chocolate offerings, VPlantations fades into the background.



wrappers, tastings, photos, Oh my!

We took our research VERY seriously and tried every single chocolate bar Jenny had in production. Jenny has bars available in flavors unique to Sweden, such as angelica (a Swedish herb) and licorice powder.


Chocolate Bar Consumption:


We visited local high-end food stores to see how competing chocolate companies were packaging their bars.



Post-its for days

My team and I went through several brainstorming sessions and distilled down to a few themes about transitions: 

  • From raw to refined
  • Unwrapping a story
  • Bean-to-bar
  • Ecuador to Sweden

prototyping & User testing

Playing with paper

To test out how our packaging worked, we tested different methods of unpacking a chocolate bar and laser cut plastic bars to mimic the weight and size of a chocolate bar. 

The most satisfying way to open up a bar? 


A pull tie


Future Considerations

That's a Wrap


My team was able to successfully redesign Jenny's chocolate packaging in a way that met our criteria as well as the criteria of the client by making the unwrapping experience a story. 

When it comes to future similar work, I want to improve how I present my work to the client by thinking of how a they could actually start thinking about transitioning to changing a new product.

  1. What kind of workflow transition would a packaging change cause?
  2. What are the implications of a new packages with her current customers?