Design a handheld light for 18-25 year olds with Momondo branding

Skills: Prototyping, User Research, Foam, Interaction Design

Type: Group Research, Individual Concept

Time: 4 Weeks (Fall 2015)

Team: Keyur Jain, Dan Robinson, Frida Stenlund


What it does

Hacks your biology

The Jet-lag Companion is your ultimate device during your international travel. It is a handheld product that indicates the optimal times for being asleep and awake to minimize your jet lag by exposing you to light. Light exposure assists in resetting your circadian rhythms. Forward your flight itinerary to your companion, select how quickly you want to adjust, and the companion will take care of the rest.


How it works

an all-in-one device


Your travel companion is a swiss army knife of international travel and is a clock, speaker, light, and anti-jet leg fighter all rolled into one. It's silicon body emanates light when you need it and it even has a physical slot in the back so you can place the device in the airplane pocket in front of you.



The companion has a digital interface where it displays faces to communicate what mode it is in.


Application Interface

personalizing your experience

3. Select how quickly and how soon you want to start adjusting

1. Forward your flight details through your Momondo travel application

2. Double check the details of your flight


During your Travel


Keep the companion with you and it will notify you when you should be awake or asleep.


By the time you're at your destination, you'll be able to sleep at the right time... unlike your unfortunate seat mate.



User interviews

We interviews 8 students and community members in the Umeå region. Our users are young adults who are on the go and want to maximize convenience and functionality while having something fun

While there are many lights on the market, most users we spoke to rarely carried a flashlight around with them.

Most had never heard of Momondo, which is a travel search engine for flights.

Based on our conversations, brainstorming sessions, and our own experiences being in our own target group, we created an activity and mood board to set the stage for the context in which we are designing.

I never carry a flashlight with me. I just use my cellphone when I need light.
— Umea University student


inject excitement into things

Given the information we gathered from our research, it was clear that we couldn't just design a plain old flashlight.

We needed a light that was unconventional. I aimed for something that was....




Beyond white light


Design an engaging handheld light for 18-25 year olds with Momondo branding focused on solving travel-related needs.


Taking all my research into consideration, I further refined the prompt:



Ideation & prototyping

rolling up the sleeves

I went through different concepts and functionalities that focused on being somewhat unconventional.

Using a Harris profile, I determined that the travel companion was the optimal option and continued to sketch and model different versions to determine optimal button placement and type.


Travel companion Iterations


User testing


The models were taken through user testing among 18-25 year old students. The main findings were:

  • They liked that the companion had a face
  • Thought the concept was useful.
  • Preferred touch buttons over physical buttons
  • Wanted sturdy construction

final considerations


The light project was generally a success in that it was Momondo branded and utilized an unconventional use of light. If I were to take this project further I would:

  1. Consider the budget of a typical 18-25 year old
  2. Design a version for an older market
  3. Have a session of co-designing for additional insight